Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pesky Little Brother

At a family reunion held in Washington in 1989, I asked Newt's sisters to relate some memories they had of my dad in his younger days. The one thing that really stuck in their memories was how much a big tease Newt was. Mayme and Mable (Newt's younger twin sisters) related that when they would be talking 'girl talk' and gossiping and telling all sorts of juicy secrets to each other, invariably, Newt would be hiding somewhere (under the bed, in the closet, back of the couch) and after he had an earful, would jump up and run off laughing at what he'd heard. One time he was under the bed while the twins and their friends were playing. He popped his head out and took off running, and teased them for years about what he overheard.
Mable remembered how Newt would rise early and noisily take the trash out from near their room while they were still trying to sleep. One visit with his brother-in-law Charles concluded with evening stories of the pranks they played as youths. Tipping outhouses was common and once Newt and his friends hoisted a neighbor's wagon or carriage onto the roof of his barn.
-From writings of Katie Clausen-

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Kurt & Kim said...

Thank you for more great memories. It is fun to hear about dad as a boy.