Saturday, March 12, 2016

Two Pines on a Hillside Grove

While searching for some continuing education certificates I came upon a poem I had looked for while preparing a sunday school lesson. It is like "Touch of the Master's Hand" where the old violin's worth is shortchanged. The title and author are unknown at least to me.
   Two pines were born on a hillside grove,
   One protected, grew straight and tall.
   It bore no time or weather marks.
   Its figure was slim and virginal.

   The second showed clearly that time had passed,
   For it stood where the winds stormed by.
   Its arms knew the torturous weight of snow.
   Its face knew the sting of the sleet filled sky.

   The first tree so youthfully beautiful,
   Was a picture the world could all see.
   But the artist who climbed to the hillside grove
   Always painted the other tree.
                                  Author Unknown

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